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Here you can find all documentation related to Apitron PDF Kit and Apitron PDF Rasterizer as well as our other products and tools.

Consult the company blog if you're looking for older entries which are not fully migrated to wiki yet.

Getting started

Our products are designed to help you implement your own PDF processing solutions and offer clean, well-designed API that helps you achieve your goals. If you are looking for a PDF rendering library, Apitron PDF Rasterizer is what you need. If you are into PDF processing, e.g. data manipulation, digital signing, editing, form-filling, creating documents from scratch, generating reports, portfolios, extracting text or images and so on, take a look at the Apitron PDF Kit - it has all these features and has even more to offer. All libraries are cross-platform, so you can target many systems with the same code, that means less maintenance issues and better productivity. See below for useful links and brief overviews.

PDF Manipulation

There are two main APIs implemented by the PDF processing library Apitron PDF Kit, namely the Fixed layout API and the Flow layout API. The first one is the "traditional" specification mapped API, while the second is more HTML/CSS like. Both are described in details in their own wiki articles, and are suitable to handle a wide range of PDF processing tasks. If you didn't find the information needed in the articles, please consult the Apitron PDF Kit In Action Book or contact our support. Our company blog has plenty of information also.

A few quick links:

The list of features is so excessive, that it's worth reading the main product article.

PDF Rendering

When it comes to rendering, the Apitron PDF Rasterizer is the tool behind it. Quality without compromise, deep understanding of the PDF graphics system and years of experience guarantee that this product has a lot to offer. Probably, the best tool on the market, it implements and supports:

  • saving the output in the common image formats and as raw bitmaps
  • async multithreaded rendering, you can render many pages at once
  • progressive rendering, so you can get snapshots and display rendering progress to the user if needed
  • partial rendering, when you only need a piece of page's content to be rendered
  • smart fonts management system, allowing you to specify font fallbacks and font mappings
  • text search, returns coordinates, making it possible to implement highlighting
  • bidirectional and right to left language writing systems
  • really BIG files, capable of handling architectural and engineering drawings

... and more.

Should you have any questions regarding this library, please contact our support.

Other useful links

Sample repositories